Okknos Prime: Bonifant

Journey to the Nightmare Palace

Our heroes took the night and stayed at Winter’s Peak, taking some much needed down time. The ranger had a private discussion with his sister.

The adventurers departed from Winter’s Peak with Kanyr by their side. They traveled along the same route they came from and found the old woman who tried to lead them astray from the path hanging from a tree. Jarl insisted on having her buried. When they cut her down though she disappeared and the party was ambushed by several banderhobbs.

After slaying the banderhobbs, the party encountered a group of slavers whom Jarl decided to deprive of their wares. He freed the slaves, the party killed the slavers, and Jarl tried to befriend the cyclops. Kanyr tried to kill one of the enslaved dragonborn because Kanyr thought the dragonborn was lying about the reason he was enslaved. Jarl teleported the slaves away to safety. Kanyr was quite upset but nothing could be done and so he stormed off down the trail.

When the Party made camp, Kanyr told of his wintery foray with wyrms that and he was the only survivor. In exchange for this feat of heroism, he received a dragon slaying sword (one that would’ve been nice to have before fighting the wyrms).

The adventurers arrived at the Nightmare Palace and, despite the many warnings to watch their backs and not make a scene, Jarl decided to get a new wardrobe. He went into a store and bought pants. (No really. Pants. (He also got a black and white outfit with red trim and a red cape)). The adventurers then moved on and booked several rooms in “The Golden Pegasus.” Several other party members went potion shopping.

Fearful of what the next day might hold, the party settled down to rest. Who would challenge the House of Scales to battle? Would they prevail? Would they even survive?


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