Sinoqui Amakiir

Elven Arcane Archer


Sinoqui is a high elf from the Forest of Amber. She is tall and thin, with pale skin, blue eyes, and pale green hair. She wears a suit of studded leather armor underneath a long, hunter’s green coat and a soft, white scarf. Her primary weapon is an enchanted longbow, and she carries two short swords for melee combat.

Our heroes met Sinoqui in Bonifant at the Temple of Torm. She was keeping watch in the courtyard while Meldy slept. Sinoqui joined the fight against Ravenous, and provided valuable ranged support. She also proved to be a useful source of knowledge about the Feywild when out heroes discovered that Ravenous was receiving poison from that plane. Despite her apparent skill in combat, Sinoqui appeared to be badly shaken by Ravenous’ revenge hanging of 48 civilians, as well as her defeat by a changeling assassin. After both of these incidents, she repeated the mantra “Perfection is facing one’s fears without flinching,” in an apparent attempt to steady herself.

After Ravenous’ defeat, Sinoqui headed to the Feywild to investigate the link between that plain and the pale tincture used to poison Bonifant. After two weeks, she returned to the city and offered our heroes the opportunity to accompany her to The Summer Court to investigate further, an opportunity which they accepted. Sinoqui led the way to Mount Agamand, to make use of the portal to the Feywild at the mountain’s summit. Once there, she led the way to The Summer Court, even landing the death blow on a bheur hag on the way.

Upon arriving at The Summer Court, however, Sinoqui became reluctant to share her knowledge about it. She had no interest in questioning the locals, and blamed the decade that had passed since her last visit for her reluctance to share. Her plan of action was to stake out the Nahre Lotus pools, and wait for someone to come and extract more poison.

Sinoqui is a member of Crim Sorciere, and appeared happy to follow Meldy’s direction while the two of them were together. According to Jace’s observations, Sinoqui is quite young for an elf, and would not be considered an adult by other members of her race. Her brusqueness and occasional lack of composure support this guess.

During combat, Sinoqui prefers to remain at a distance, firing enchanted arrows at the enemy. She can enchant her arrows with several different magical effects, and can even bend the flight path of an arrow on the rare occasion that she misses her first target. If forced to fight in close quarters, Sinoqui turns to her twin short swords.

Sinoqui Amakiir

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