Qadirr and Ming-Ga-Rel

Protective Fairy and his Dog


You see a small fairy man coated in fitted leather armor from head to toe. He exudes confidence and strength in both posture and speech. Despite his tiny size he is has an intimidating presence. It might be because of his vicious canine mount. His steed appears to be part corgi, part German Sheppard with perhaps some other vicious breeds lost in the mix.


Qadirr is the leader of The House of the Flying Hounds. Although the house typically has ties with the Summer Court, Qadirr has made it clear that he believes the Gloaming Court is a force to be reckoned with. He believes the Gloaming Court can take “The House of the Flying Hound” to new heights. The rest of the house has not yet been convinced to leave the Summer Court yet but he wins more Flying Hound members every day.

Qadirr is a skilled warrior. He uses his skill with a blade and illusionary magic to dispatch his foes. His skill is unmatched in the fairy realm and he is quick to prove it at the slightest of provocations. He is also very protective of his younger sister Firix and many a suitor has found itself on the wrong end of Qadirr’s blade.

Qadirr and Ming-Ga-Rel

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