The Master of Ravenous


McGregor was the leader of the criminal gang known as Ravenous. He was the face of the group and came into Amollo almost 6 years ago. The mere threat of his name was enough to coerce most Amollans into doing his bidding. He had many secret hideouts throughout the city, but the local authorities know they did not have the resources to challenge him, and he managed to avoid being attacked by more powerful entities, such as the adventuring guild Team Zalthannus. He himself was known to slip into shadows and was said to have the ability to predict the outcome of any battle. The story concerning his entrance into Amollo was less than fantastical, but those who knew him said that it might be downplayed.

The crime family known as the Sinking Sun was hit first. The family’s leader was a fierce human known as Sun. He had two sons whom he used to increase his power through networks and turf wars. Sun came back to his throne room one night anticipating updates on the profits his sons had acquired for him, but instead found McGregor sitting on his chair. McGregor had his boot on the back of one of his sons. The other was underneath him. The carpet was gold, but was stained crimson. What happened next is a mystery, but whatever McGregor did, it caused Sun to hang himself the next morning.

McGregor was fierce, dangerous, smart, cunning, and everything Amollo feared. The ones close to him were loyal and zealous. They did not take bribes. They did not accept no. They did not allow defeat.

Eventually though, a group of adventurers brought about McGregor’s downfall in Amollo. Led by the enigmatic bard, Hope, they challenged McGregor and began attacking his holdings. After they burned down a warehouse full of stolen goods, McGregor invited them to duel in Amollo’s famous Freedom Arena. The adventurers foolishly accepted, and were greeted by a hail of arrows.

McGregor left his foes bleeding out on the sands of the arena. In his arrogance, he did not stop to finish the job. The adventurers survived, and although they fled the city, the bard Hope penned a letter to the people of Amollo. This letter, known as The Open Hand, ignited a fire among the people of Amollo. They became willing to stand up to Ravenous, willing to give their lives for their city. McGregor found less people willing to take his bribes, and more people willing to share his secrets. He was forced to go into hiding for a time.

After several months, McGregor resurfaced, but not in Amollo. Instead, he terrorizes the city of Bonifant, where one of those adventurers has set himself up as King of Vitalio. He has poisoned the city’s water supply, and used the resulting confusion to eliminate the city guard and barricade the royal castle. King Wil Aldridge appears to be unwilling to risk the safety of the hostages McGregor keeps at the barricades at all times. His ultimate goal for occupying Bonifant remains unknown.

After terrorizing the streets of Bonifant for several weeks, McGregor was betrayed by one of his elite changeling bodyguards. A group of adventurers converged on his hideout, and Perra Talstar and Pierre engaged him in combat. He appeared to have the upper hand until Pierre opened a portal to The Far Realm. Tentacles erupted from the portal and began dragging McGregor inside. He refused an offer for help from Jarl, and was drug completely inside. He is presumed dead.


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