Keryassa Flameheart


Keryassa is a six foot tall Dragonborn with deep red scales and a relatively lean frame for a Dragonborn. She carries herself in a proud and regal manner, and wears scarlet sorcerer robes. She carries a light crossbow in her robes, but given her size, stature, and enveloping robes, it can be hard to notice.

She is deeply proud of her family name and refuses to be spoken to as though she is a servant or slave. This has not made her life in Bonifant easy; however, most people will apologize to the angry Dragonborn whose breathe is specked with flames.

Keryassa is eager for adventure, but has thus far been working contentedly at a potion shop run by an elven man and human woman.


Keryassa was born in the Dragonborn Empire to the Flameheart Clan. The Flameheart clan is one of the most notable noble clans within the Dragonborn Empire, and they have a long history of powerful draconic sorcerers in their bloodline. Like all members of her family, she has dark red scales that reflect the purity of their bloodline.

When Keryassa began to show signs of being a sorcerer, she was sent to Parth in Vitalio to study magic. She thrived there, despite the widespread dislike of non-humans. She was mostly sheltered by teachers who saw her potential, and she discovered she also had a penchant for potion making and unusual languages. Even once she reached the age of 15 (adulthood for Dragonborn) her teachers advised her to remain in Parth as the rest of Vitalio would be a harsh reality. She spent a few more years there, until she learned that a former fellow student, Wil Aldridge, had become King. She hadn’t really know him, and did not really think much of him, so she was quite surprised when she heard the news. Regardless of her opinion on the subject, Parth was abuzz with rumors of change. While many at Parth were angered, surprised, or confused by the King’s decision to welcome outsiders, Keryassa Flameheart saw this as a chance for her to venture on.

Since she arrived in Parth, she had daydreamed of a triumphant return to her family. She imagined that she would accomplish some great feat or find some great knowledge or something else befitting of her great and noble family. She would return, announce her name, and the prodigal daughter would be welcomed with feasts and praise. However, despite these rumors of tolerance and acceptance, when she traveled to Bonifant to seek her fortune and fame, she found herself greatly disappointed. Most turned her away from jobs, she couldn’t find anything that would lead her to something noteworthy or grand. Eventually, she found herself working for a relatively poor, yet surprisingly generous family in their apothecary shop making potions. The Woodsouls, an elven man and a human woman, provided her with a place to stay, a decent wage, and even invited her to join them in meals.

While she is grateful for the hospitality of the Woodsouls, she craves a opportunity for heroic ventures.

Keryassa Flameheart

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