Short, lithe, black hair, vividly blue eyes


Age: 20

Height: 5’ 0”

Weight: 107 lbs

Hair: Black and rather scruffy

Eyes: Vibrant blue

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

A quick-witted and quick-fingered rogue, Keenan thoroughly enjoys his work as a thief. He is quick to speak his mind, which is often laden with sarcasm, and rarely pauses to consider the possibly catastrophic consequences. He greatly enjoys baffling enemy and friend alike with witty comments. His other great joy in life is acts of larceny against the arrogant, believing that a little humility by way of humiliation is in order. He particularly loves the look on a noble or elf’s face when they realize that their coin purse is missing. Unfortunately for Keenan, his mischievous nature has left many angered at him, and narrows his already thin scope of possible allies.

Despite the fact that Keenan has as much elven blood in him as human, he rejects his elven half entirely. A large reason for this is the fact that a male elf (presumably his father) was seen abandoning him in the streets. This knowledge has left him embittered toward elves in general. He is certain elves look down on him for his human blood (and some painful past experiences have informed this view) and rejects anything to do with elves, even magic, and is staunchly dedicated to his human half. Believing the elves to be an overly arrogant race, Keenan particularly enjoys pick pocketing them and cutting their purses, and enjoys the befuddled look on their normally stoic faces. Despite Keenan’s dislike of elves, he never removes an elven ring he wears on a fine chain around his neck.

Raised by the Syndicate- a criminal organization in the distant city of Inaulia, Keenan has known only a life of crime. The Syndicate’s human leader, Sorin Half-heart, had taken Keenan in after finding him as a little child abandoned on the streets. Sorin treated Keenan like his own son, training him in acts of larceny as soon as the boy’s fingers were nimble enough for such tasks. Being a half-elf made Keenan naturally agile and dexterous, and Sorin taught the boy all he knew of the arts of picking pockets, cutting purses, and burglary. Keenan was devoted to Sorin, a surrogate father to him.

Sorin’s murder by another member of the guild, Aragok (who then assumed the mantle of guild master) precipitated Keenan’s flight to another city. Aragok had always hated Keenan, and Keenan suspects that Aragok knows that Keenan witnessed Sorin’s murder, and he feared Aragok would seek to silence him. Thus, when Keenan realized that he was being shadowed, he fled to another city, but still he was followed. Realizing that he could easily be followed on foot, Keenan took a ship to the distant city of Bonifant, hoping to shake off his pursuers.

Looking to accompany someone strong enough to protect him, Keenan joined forces with the vigilante Sam Hand, lending Sam his persuasive abilities in return for Sam’s protection. He has not yet informed Sam of a possible price on his head. For a while, he maintained that he was a scout to satisfy Sam’s questions about where he came from, but realized from meeting Jarl that it probably wouldn’t be long before he wouldn’t be able to keep himself from revealing that he was a thief. He decided when he had just told Jarl to just do as he did and ignore laws altogether that the time had come to reveal that he was not, in fact, a scout. He made the mistake of turning and explaining this to Sam Hand who then punched him in the face. He hopes that that will be the extent of the consequences for telling everyone that he is a criminal.


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