Julienne Volchiare

Hero of the First Minotaur War


Julienne Volchaire, or “Jules” as she calls herself, is a mysterious woman who met our heroes at Winterspeak. She was drawn to the manor by the sounds of our heroes’ battle with the vampires there. She claims to be a hero from 400 years ago, who fought to repel the attack of the Minotaur Legion. According to her, she led a rebellion against her father, King Donovan of Vitalio, when he refused to give her the throne. She was trapped in a tree by the wizard Gregorr. To her, only a few months have passed. She wandered in the woods for a few days after being suddenly and mysteriously freed from her prison.

Jules appears to be supernaturally strong, although she attributes that to her magic belt. Her appearance is somewhat strange; her eye color and sharp canines suggest she is not purely human. She claims her mother was a witch, and that she was judged unfairly because of this. She and Kanyr appear to have some sort of special understanding. She still lays claim to the Vitalian throne. 400 years ago, she intended to burn Vitalio to the ground in order to punish King Donovan. Since he and all her other enemies are long dead, she is unsure about what to do next. For now, she is traveling with our heroes.

Julienne Volchiare

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