Idelle Delacroix

Vitalian Noblewoman and Galendan's Warlock


Idelle Delacroix is the daughter of Foulques and Clarisse Delacroix. Due to her father’s disappearance and her mother’s poor health, she is now the de facto head of the Delacroix family. She was a noted socialite, and could be found at many Vitalian high society gatherings. Among the nobility, she was known as being loud and persuasive yet absent-minded, with a quick temper. She was noted for her great beauty and her pet songbird.

Idelle was involved with the Iron Circle’s plot to turn non-humans into wererats. The Iron Circle kidnapped her father to ensure her cooperation. After our heroes killed her Iron Circle bodyguard, she asked them to help rescue her father. Once they did, she provided them with helpful information.

At some point after this, Idelle forged a pact with Galendan. He granted her arcane power. What Idelle promised in return is unknown. Our heroes next encountered outside Lord Absolon‘s lair. She had hired a clan of dragonborn help her obtain Absolon’s ashes. All of the dragonborn died in this attempt, except for Prexijandilin Heskan, who still serves her loyally. With the help of our heroes, she obtained the ashes, and presumably brought them back to Galendan.

Our heroes next met Idelle at Winterspeak. Together with Heskan, Grom, and Thari, she was searching for the Feystone on Galendan’s behalf. She warned our heroes to be careful in the Feywild.

On the banks of the Dread Star Depths, Idelle warned our heroes to turn back, lest they face Galendan’s wrath. She explained that she cares about certain members of the party, and although she can’t save everyone, she can at least protect the people she cares about. Much to her dismay, our heroes did not listen to her pleas, and Galendan arrived to punish our heroes for their insolence. Heskan carried her to safety, despite her protests.

Idelle Delacroix

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