Bandito of the Mountain


“Was that a shadow in the snowstorm? A bear maybe? Or is it the Bandito of the Mountain…?”


Is it a myth? A legend? Or is he real? The Bandito of the Mountain is a common tale among the mountain tribes. It is said he has raided many caravans are has even stolen from Fendar the Great himself. But if all the stories are to believed then he must have magic in his blood. The tales of the Bandito’s escapades go back over two centuries. The sightings of the Bandito are rare and he often disappears in the blink of an eye. For this reason, many believe him to be a ghost. Most of the stories only involve him stealing from large caravans. There are seven stories, and only seven, that describe grisly scenes of death that were wrought by the Bandito nearly 30 years ago. In six of the seven instances, four beings were laid in a circle, their hands pointing in each of the four cardinal directions and the letter “B” drawn in blood. According to the stories the last instance of violence had five bodies. Four beings arranged in a circle and a fifth laying in the center where the “B” usually was drawn.

Bandito of the Mountain

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