Okknos Prime: Bonifant

The Past that Haunts Us

The evening started alright. Dinner was on the table, attendants were all there, everything would’ve been great, until the orc started screaming. “WHERE IS AZCAVIL? I KNOW HE WAS WITH YOU AT THE NIGHTMARE PALACE! WHERE IS HE?” All in the room fell silent. The group exchanged furtive glances, unsure of what to do or say. The small voice of Rathal breaks the silence. He explains that he was the Azcavil that Grom had heard about at the nightmare palace. Rathal explained how he had once met this Azcavil and as a way of camouflage and protection he adopted the persona from time to time. Once Grom settled down the feast began. The heroes were thanked by those whom they saved from the hag.
After dinner Lucian and the Ranger took Rathal aside to have another chat about Azcavil. Rathal echoed his early statements claiming he had only met Azcavil the one time. While they spoke with Rathal, the rest of the party was approached by Serena and Gesh the Dragonborn. They asked them to go and attack the hag for all the pain and suffering they suffered.
The party left for the hag’s place and the hag waited for them at the bottom of the hill to her house. She reminded Jarl of their deal and that breaking it would result in dire consequences. Jarl answered by attacking but the hag was only an illusion. The trees began to attack, her gnomes began to attack, and flaming skulls began to attack. Lucian fell and the whole party sustained many injuries. The group advanced toward the boot that tried to escape and Rathal polymorphed the whole thing into a turtle. Acting fast, Rathal and Jarl teleported with the turtle boot to winters peak. They rushed to the door to get Galendan’s help destroying the turtle-boot hybrid. They were told to drop it and fiery hell rained down from a copper dragon with a rider in the sky. The elven butler then came out and scrapped the remains off of the stoop.
With the hag destroyed and the party on the mend, the heroes began their trek to the Summer Court. When they arrived Jarl went and bought a pair of pastel pink pants with a cape of gold. And glitter! GOLD GLITTER EVERYWHERE! He also bought a musketeer hat with a pink feather.
Lucian went to meet with the Ten’i’dor. He met with Shanal his superior. Lucian relayed his report of the party and their actions, emphasizing their love of fire.
Kanyr met with the leader of his organization. He asked about the Feystone and was told it was a myth. Kanyr then went on to ask about the Whispering Mountain. He was told that it lies to the west and that those who venture there often do not return and that there are many caves with devilish creatures residing there. Kanyr asked if any might know about the what lies in the west and was told that the centaur Pasark may know a bit about the area.


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