Okknos Prime: Bonifant

Over the River

In which Ives Adds more Poison to the Water

  • After receiving Maria Pontmercy’s reply, the PCs decide their first task is to find some fresh water, since their own supplies are almost depleted. The easiest way to do this is to follow the Silgo River east, away from Bonifant.
  • But first, Gabriel Andre Beaumont needs to check on his “network.” He heads to the Priest and Knight Inn, but it’s been burned down. Looking for his friend Selkar, he heads to a known safehouse. He finds Selkar, along with Avery, Marcel the Magnificent, and other disreputable characters. Selkar tells Gabriel that Ravenous is selling the antidote for one thousand gold pieces. Everyone in the house seems to be suffering from the poison’s effect. Gabriel leaves them a large sum of money.
  • After some debate, the group leaves Bonifant by way of the city gate, and sleeps outside. In the morning, they begin following the Silgo River upsteam. After about two hours, they come across some men guiding a horse-drawn cart down to the river. The barrels are marked poison!
  • Our heroes attack. Fortunately, their enemies are on the other side of the river, and Jace, Maximilian, and Lucas quickly cut them down. None of the enemies have even closed to melee range when Ives summons the aberrant fortress in the middle of the river, crushing several bad guys. The water turns purple as it foams around the alien building. The would be poisoners turn tail and run, except for one bandit who just stands there. From the fortress window, Ives shoots the panicked horse, preventing it from capsizing the cart full of poison. Before he dismisses the fortress, it spawns a strange tadpole which swims downstream.
  • Gabriel shoots his crossbow at the motionless bandit. “Are you mad?” yells Jocq D’Gemseer. " Havilar’s possessing him!" Gabriel apologizes. Once the bandit is tied up, Havilar releases him, and the questioning begins. To encourage the bandit to talk, he is beaten with a riding crop. Gabriel pours poisoned water down the bandit’s throat. The poison seems to have no effect. The bandit explains that he got the antidote from Ravenous. He introduces himself as Amoril, and claims to know very little about Ravenous’ operations. He met up with that cart outside of the city, and escorts the cart back to a warehouse. He offers to divulge the location of the warehouse in exchange for his freedom. He doesn’t want to go back into the city, since Ravenous will kill him if they suspect that he has betrayed them. Lucas and Jace entertain killing Amoril right then and there, but decide against it.
  • Lucas and Gabriel try drinking the river water, but find that it is still poisoned. Lucas casts Lesser Restoration to remove the poison’s effects. After some discussion, Lucas uses his dust of dryness to absorb the poison from the barrels. Then, Jocq hitches his pony, Bob to the cart, and our heroes continue upriver.


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