Okknos Prime: Bonifant

Lucas Delacroix and the Deadly Coffin Shop

Shapeshifters! The Far Realm! An Ancient Prophecy and More!

  • Outside the ruins of a manor, the “forces of good” plan their next move. Marcel the Magnificent notices Lucas’ mantle. He explains that the mantle used to belong to a Yamabushi sage, who reluctantly joined the Yamabushi army that attacked Vitaliio. He tried to arrange a peace treaty, but both sides rejected him. Before his death, he prophesied that the next bearer of this mantle would bring lasting peace between the Yamabushi Islands and Vitalio. This person would be able to pass the wards guarding the treasure the sage had hidden halfway between the two nations’ capitals. But first, the chosen one would bring peace to Bonifant, where the war had raged the fiercest. “Obviously,” says Marcel, “Someone like you could not possibly be the chosen one. The prophecy must be about a person of exceptional intelligence. Obviously, this person must be me. Give me that mantle.” “No,” says Lucas. “The prophecy’s probably bunk anyway.” Marcel gasps in astonishment, then sulks off in a huff.
  • In the midst of this discussion, Gabriel Andre Beaumont rejoins the party! He explains that he was ensuring that his father was safe after Ravenous threatened his life. The others accept this explanation, and continue their strategy meeting. After further discussion, our heroes decide to seek out Maria Pontmercy to see if she has discovered anything. Selkar, Meldy and Sinoqui Amakiir accompany our heroes, while Revy takes her forces to probe the Bonifant underworld for clues.
  • On the way to the palace, Jarl grows more and more suspicious of Gabriel. Gabriel’s answers to the peredhil’s questions do nothing to quiet those suspicions. Finally, Maximilien Delacroix confirms the mystic’s accusations. Gabriel is a changeling.
  • The changeling, or Fake-riel, as our heroes call him, offers to trade information for his freedom. He does not trust the party to honor such an agreement, however, and will only talk to Pontmercy. Eventually, our heroes find Pontmercy at the Bonifant sea gate.
  • Fake-riel tells Pontmercy that McGregor is hiding out at a coffin shop. He gives details on the defenses, exits, and entrances of the store. Pontmercy sends him back to the castle under armed guard. “If you information proves to be correct, you will be free,” she says. Pontmercy hurries to rally the city guard. She tells the PCs not to wait for her. They don’t.
  • Upon arriving at the coffin shop, our heroes come across a man pushing a wheelbarrow across the front yard. Upon seeing them, he says, “There’s no longer need for disguises,” and reveals himself to be a changeling. “I’ll handle this one,” says Meldy. The PCs leave her to it, and charge the coffin shop.
  • After a few arrows are exchanged, Jarl teleports inside the store. He finds himself face to face with an imposing dragonborn clad in jet black plate armor. The two warriors trade blows, but Jarl is victorious. The others mop up, and the lower floor of the store is secure. Jace and Selkar raid the cabinets in the kitchen for trail mix and herbs. Suddenly, the party hears the crash of breaking glass on the upper floor!
  • Selkar charges up the stairs, only to be met by two changeling assassins. Within seconds, he lies unconscious, his lifeblood seeping into the floor. Lucas revives him, but quickly finds himself cornered by an assassin, and near death himself. Jarl teleports through the broken window, and finds McGregor locked in combat with Perra Talstar and Pierre. “He’s ours,” they say. Jarl leaves them to it, and takes on an assassin with Ularalu’s help.
  • Sinoqui and Lucas battle one assassin, bickering while they do so. Selkar staggers to his feet, lurches towards the assassin, and strikes him with a curse. The assassin is unable to move, and is brought down from a distance.
  • Meanwhile, Jarl is having trouble. “I need help,” he cries. Sinoqui and Maximilian fire arrows into the assassin before retreating into the other room. This proves to be just enough help. Once his opponent is dead, Jarl turns back towards McGregor. The crime lord appears to be besting his two opponents. “All this effort to track me down for nothing!” he taunts. “You have no hope of defeating me!” “For Lillium!” shouts Pierre, slamming his hand down on the floor. A dark portal opens beneath McGregor’s feet. Milky white tentacles erupt out of it, and begin dragging McGregor into The Far Realm. Jarl tries to intervene, but McGregor rebuffs his help, and is dragged screaming through the portal.
  • Jarl scolds Pierre about his use of aberrant magic, but Pierre is unrepentant. “There is no lasting satisfaction in revenge,” says the peredhil. “If that’s true, then I am lost,” says Pierre.
  • After a few minutes, Pontmercy arrives. The actual Gabriel is discovered in a tunnel underneath the shop. He heads to the castle to question his changeling impersonator about his father. “He’s dead,” smirks the changeling. Gabriel charges and is retrained by the castle guards. The changeling walks off, a free man.
  • With Ravenous defeated, our heroes set to work rebuilding the city. Lucas has in fact brought peace to Bonifant. With this in mind, he decides to see if the prophecy is in fact true. He prepares to leave his companions, and set sail to the west.


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