Okknos Prime: Bonifant

Island Assault

In which Jace buys a new Hat

  • Night falls over Bonifant. Jace heads to the Elven Embassy for the night. He discusses his adventurers with Ambassador Sophianya Woodsoul. There’s a fair amount of elven snootiness toward the other races.
  • Gabriel goes to his father’s old home. It’s been looted and there are some vagrants living there. He pays a vagrant some money to keep an eye out for anything suspicious.
  • Lucas, Gabriel Andre Beaumont, Amethyst, and Maximilian head to the peredhil embassy to once again impose on the kindly race. Foulques Delacrox intercepts Lucas and Maximilian. He complains that he is still unable to locate Idelle, and wants to know where Jarl is with the promised help.
  • In the morning, Lucas, Gabriel, Maximilian, and Amethyst meet at Uncle Paco’s Crepe Stand. Amethyst chats with Uncle Paco while the others eat. Gabriel asks Paco if he’s seen Augustin Eugene, the man who handed Gabriel the ransom note, so to speak. Paco has seen him, but isn’t able to provide much other useful information. He promises to keep an eye out for Eugene.
  • The PCs get ready to head out. They agree to look for Hercule, Pierre DuPont‘s old foreman. Pierre’s old spice warehouse seems to be a good place to start. Gabriel pulls Amethyst away from her cooking discussions with Uncle Paco, despite some nudging from Jace to leave her alone.
  • Hercule has left his old job, and no one knows where he is. Gabriel has several terse conversations at the warehouse, then everyone leaves for the guardhouse.
  • Maria Pontmercy is not there. Instead, Imara Adelin is in charge. She sends Gabriel along to the records department. The guards are puzzled by Gabriel’s requests for “known associates,” “last known address,” and things of that nature. They are able to tell him the whereabouts of Osark, one of the other men that Selkar suspects. He owns a fancy clothing boutique in the merchant district.
  • Osark is more interested in selling clothes to the newest heroes of Bonifant than talking about Gabriel’s father. Jace buys a fancy new hat. It’s blue with sparkling stars. Maximilian ducks out of the shop when Osark tries to sell him something. Amethyst persuades Osark to sell her some fine clothes for a heavily discounted price. After some more fruitless questioning, Gabriel gives up and goes to stake out the back of Osark’s shop. Amethyst quickly gets bored and suggests that she can easily find out if Osark is involved in Nicholas’ kidnapping. She enters the store, and a few minutes later comes back out and says that Osark is not involved.
  • Amethyst notes that in the underdark, when one is looking for a criminal, one usually goes to a place where criminals congregate. With that in mind, the party heads for The Priest and Knight Inn. Gabriel asks Selkar if he’s found anything. Selkar hands him a note, which says that his father is being held on Noirmoutier Island. The note is signed “Archer.” Gabriel gives Selkar the rest of his gold.
  • Gabriel heads to the guardhouse and asks Imara for a boat. Imara explains that the island is offlimits, and that she will organize a large force to oust whomever is there once she confirms Gabriel’s information. She cannot guarantee that Nicholas will remain safe during the attack. Gabriel repeats his request for a boat. When Imara asks what he plans to do, Gabriel will not say, and Imara tells him to get out.
  • Down at the docks, Gabriel finds an old man who is willing to rent out his rowboat. Unfortunately, Gabriel does not have any money to pay him. Fortunately, after a few kind words from Amethyst, the old man agrees to give up his boat for free. As the party rows away from the docks, the old man comes to his senses, and begins yelling angrily, but to no avail.
  • After almost an hour of vigorous rowing by Gabriel, the party arrives at Noirmoutier Island. It is dominated by a central tower, but the party cannot make much else out. They decide to circle around the island, and take in a good view of the island’s beaches and rocky outcroppings. As they complete their circuit, the party is hailed by a larger boat. The dwarf standing in the new boat’s prow explains that he is scouting out the island, and warns our adventurers that Noirmoutier Island is off-limits, and likely inhabited by dangerous outlaws. Gabriel replies that he is not on the island, and so is not breaking any laws. The dwarf continues on his way.
  • As our adventurers observe the island from a distance, they are startled by a large splash nearby. They soon realize that they are being shot at from the tower. Gabriel begins to row towards the island. Despite his best evasive maneuvers, the rowboat is hit and begins to sink. Our heavily armored friends cling to the wreckage of the boat to avoid sinking. They begin paddling toward shore while Jace flies above. Another ballista bolt lands uncomfortably close.
  • Suddenly, the PCs are enveloped in darkness. Amethyst’s spell keeps the ballista at bay, for now. Jace flies closer to the island, then retreats from a flurry of arrows. He takes cover in Amethyst’s cloud of darkness. After several nerve-wracking minutes, the PCs feel sand underneath their feet.
  • However, their relief is short-lived. A voice calls from beyond the darkness, “We have you surrounded! Lay down your weapons and come out!” Jace pokes his head out, only to have a crossbow bolt whizz by it. The PCs prepare for battle, give the signal for Amethyst to dismiss the darkness, and come out firing.
  • The battle is fierce and over in a few seconds. Seven outlaws lie dead on the beach, and three more stare blankly into space, their minds hypnotized by Amethyst’s spells. Jace is grievously wounded, and only Lucas’ assistance keeps him from joining the ranks of the fallen.
  • Amethyst interrogates the surviving outlaws. By reading their minds, she learns that there are about forty more outlaws on the island. Some are patrolling, and some are in the tower. After executing the survivors, Jace, Gabriel, Maxamilian, Lucas, and Amethyst make a break for some nearby brush, hoping to hide from their enemies.


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