Vitalio is a human kingdom on the western coast of Haven, and is often simply called “The Western Kingdom”. King Wil Aldridge rules from the city of Bonifant. Vitalio is bordered by the dragonborn empire to the south, the Paladin Peaks to the east, and the ocean to the west.

Vitalio was founded six hundred years ago by travelers from the kingdom of Akari. These people left Akari because they did not want to live in harmony with elves and dwarves. Vitalio kept its distance for two hundred years, when the Minotaur Legion launched their attack on Akari. King Donovan of Vitalio knew that if Akari fell, they would be next. Out of this turmoil, the people of the Western Kingdom came to see the importance of having an alliance with the other races. They remained uneasy allies for the next three hundred years.

About thirty years ago, King Chamoun IV ascended to the throne. He quickly moved to cripple the commerce between Vitalio and other nations by imposing exorbitant import and export taxes. At first, most of the people were displeased, but then the king made a speech. The day of the speech was called “Foundation Day” as it laid out the plans and new direction for Vitalio. Sadly, the people were inspired. A portion of the speech is transcribed below.

“This is where humans can be proud to be. We are not the children of the other races. We are the masters. Vitalio holds aloft in its hand the proud people of the human race. It is the place where humans can finally exist without the manipulations of the other races. Vitalio is the strong citadel for humans and shall forever be as long as the King sits on the throne.”

After that, Vitalio’s wealth was sporadic with great years and horrible years. The focus on self sustainable commerce made the nation more self reliant. Foodstuffs, exotic goods, and minerals were invested in the nation, but progress was slow. The people speculated that things would be better if the investments were not restricted to good standing humans of Vitalio.

As the years went on, King Chamoun grew more paranoid towards the other races, and Vitalian animosity towards anyone not human grew as well. Stores owned by elves were damaged and rumors of physical violence towards halflings caused many of the other races to flee the nation. The king allowed this, or so many believed. In addition, stories spread of ships being commandeered by the Vitalian fleet. The tales said that the King allowed the humans to pass, but the other races were subjugated to torture and starvation before they were allowed out. If they were allowed to leave the dungeons of the castle at all.

King Chamoun’s paranoia led to tensions with neighboring kingdoms, especially the reborn dragonborn empire to the south. King Chamoun greatly increased the size of the southern border guard, and after several years of this, the bulk of Vitalio’s army was stationed there. The king neglected his other responsibilities, and the people grew discontent. Some even talked of rebellion. King Chamoun saw his grasp on the kingdom slipping, and began oppressing his people, curtailing their freedoms, and taxing them heavily. He blamed non-humans for Vitalio’s troubles. In his fear, he even turned to dark magic. The stage was set for the arrival of Wil Aldridge.

Wil Aldridge was the descendant of Vitalio’s kings, but he was not related to King Chamoun. Instead, he was the progeny of the Volchaires, the kings who ruled before the Chamouns. Supposedly, the last Volchaire was assassinated by his chancellor, Calvin Chamoun. Wil quickly became the face of Vitalio’s resistance movement. The people eagerly supported him, and many of King Chamoun’s soldiers joined Wil’s cause. With his castle surrounded, King Chamoun took his own life, and Wil was crowned king. The only real challenge to his rule was from General de Launay, the commander of Vitalio’s southern army. de Launay besieged Bonifant, but after several days of fighting, he abandoned the fight and voluntarily exiled himself. Now, as the undisputed ruler of Vitalio, Wil hopes to restore Vitalio to its former glory. He hopes to repair relations with neighboring kingdoms, rebuild the trust of the common people in their king, eliminate the corruption that thrived under King Chamoun IV, and remove Vitalio’s deep-lying prejudices against non-humans.


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