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Welcome to Okknos Prime: Bonifant!

This campaign begins three months after the conclusion of the main storyline of Okknos Prime. In other words, three months have passed since the heroes of Okknos Prime finished their time traveling adventure. Their trip through time resulted in the following changes:
1. Adriana Prevot did not become the chancellor of Vitalio. Instead, she was blamed for the destruction of Wimbli, and her current whereabouts are unknown.
2. Without Prevot, King Chamoun IV was unable to effectively govern his kingdom. His paranoia and growing madness made many people question his ability to rule, so Wil Aldridge was able to overthrow him with significantly less bloodshed. General de Launay still marched upon Bonifant, but many of his troops deserted along the way, and without Prevot’s leadership, de Launay’s army was not as large to begin with.
3. As the situation was less dire, Henri Volchaire did not offer his assistance to Wil, and he did not destroy the town of Parth when his offer was rejected.

All the other events of Okknos Prime, Scarecrows of Nevermore, and Okknos (pre December 2014) took place as originally described. If anyone has questions about this, or if anyone can think of some paradoxes created by these changes, please let me know.

Events of the Past Three Months

1. Noel Rekkenmark is appointed Chancellor of Vitalio.
2. After a brief stint as Wil’s bodyguard, Maria Pontmercy is appointed Captain of the Bonifant City Guard.
3. Ambassadors from Akari, the Amber Forest, Kullengaard, and the Dragonborn Empire arrive in Bonifant.
4. The Iron Circle gains support in Bonifant.

Main Page

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