Bonifant is the capitol city of Vitalio. It is a large city, with a population in the tens of thousands. It sits on the eastern coast of Haven, at the mouth of the Courant River. Bonifant is a fortified city, with eight gates, although the walls are damaged due to the recent attack by General de Launay.

The population of Bonifant is mostly human, although a sizable number of non-humans live in the city as well. Tension exists between the different races.

Bonifant is divided into several districts. The royal district sits on top of a large hill near the western side of the city. At the peak of the hill is the royal palace. Nearby are houses for nobles, embassies, and inns for the wealthy. The dock district encompasses the area of Bonifant near the ocean, and it is a hotspot for crime.

Notable Locations in Bonifant:
Temple of Torm
Uncle Paco’s Crepe Shop
Chestersquire Academy


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