Tag: village


  • Appleton

    Appleton is a small village in [[Akari]] near the town of [[Silver Hill]]. Due to its large orchards, the village is primarily known for its different breeds of apples and its various ciders.

  • Cayden

    Cayden is a small farming village in the kingdom of [[Akari]]. It sits on the King’s Road directly between [[Four Stones]] and [[Mocklyn]].

  • Stag's Head

    Stag's Head is a small village in the [[Akari Hinterlands]]. The village is built up around the ancient Stag's Head hunting lodge. The village is in the heart of [[Rams Guard]] country and several of the factions leaders live there. Stag's Head Hall, …

  • Featherwood

    Featherwood was a small village of the Winter Court in the [[Feywild]], near [[Winterspeak]]. It was a recruitment and training center for the [[Tapestry of Stolen Tears]]. The village now lies largely in ruins, after having been assailed and burnt by …