Tag: town


  • Silver Hill

    Silver Hill is a mining town nestled in the [[Covarus Mountains]]. It lies just within the northern boundary of the Kingdom of [[Akari]] and is also less than a day’s travel from the Dwarven city of [[Kullengaard]]. Silver Hill has the atmosphere of a …

  • Arcannus

    Arcannus is the center of magical studies in [[Haven]]. Those with wizardly aspirations enroll at the Pryzatticum, Haven’s only academy of the arcane. The Pryzatticum is overseen by First Wizard Simus. Arcannus, though having a substantially smaller …

  • Four Stones

    Four Stones is a large town nestled on the [[Silvermarsh River]] in the Kingdom of [[Akari]]. It sits on the King’s Road between the Capitol City of [[Mocklyn]] and the magical city of [[Arcannus]]. As such, Four Stones is a popular stopping point for …

  • Kavindar

    Kavindair is a medium-sized town in the Frozen Lands of the [[Feywild]]. Many of the buildings in the town are carved out of ice.