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  • Sophianya Woodsoul

    Sophianya Woodsoul is heir to the [[Woodsoul]] family within the [[Forest of Amber]]. She is a famed healer and is known for her compassion for all living things. She was sent to [[Bonifant]] to represent the elves of the Forest of Amber.

  • Maglor

    "It's finally happening. The end is here. Soon, we will turn on each other, and the strong will devour the weak. Eventually, as our hunger grows, we will feast on each other." These are just a few of the strange things that Maglor has said during the few …

  • Sinoqui Amakiir

    Sinoqui is a high elf from the [[Forest of Amber]]. She is tall and thin, with pale skin, blue eyes, and pale green hair. She wears a suit of studded leather armor underneath a long, hunter's green coat and a soft, white scarf. Her primary weapon is an …

  • Rathal

    Not much is yet known of the boy you met in the wood. You have yet to even ask his name. But he seems to know the Feywild well. It could also be assumed from the battle in the marsh that he has some magical prowess.

  • Dathari Ilphelkiir

    Dathari Ilphelkiir is a draconic sorcerer of considerable power. He has ruled of the [[House of Scales]] for the past 150 years, and does not plan on relinquishing power anytime soon. Under his rule, the house is open to anyone with draconic power in …

  • Shenal Liadon

    Shenal represents [[Ten' i' ndor']] at [[The Summer Court]]. As a prominent member of this conservation society, he advises [[:titania|Queen Titania]] on matters effecting the natural world. He also seeks out newcomers to the [[Feywild]], hoping to …