Tag: archfey


  • Titania

    Her Royal Majesty Queen Titania is Queen of Harmony and Magic, Duchess of Faerie, Countess of Bloom, Mistress of Wilderness and Light, and Lady of the Summer Palace. She rules [[The Summer Court]].

  • Hyrsam

    _The Satyr Prince Hyrsam, he sings Of times more than mere story— Before gods or masters or kings, Before death, fate, or glory. Why does he cry for days gone by Beneath locks curl’d and tawny? He smiles wry as he’s heard to sigh “’Twill be all …

  • Galendan

    The greatest hero walking the world today, Galendan is the last of the original [[dragon riders]], and the greatest rogue the world has ever seen. Kidnapped and sold into slavery as a child, Galendan rose above these humble beginnings, and with his fellow …