Tag: ambassador


  • Luminaar Flameheart

    Luminaar Flameheart is the representative of the [[Dragonborn Empire]] in [[Vitalio]]. He arrived in [[Bonifant]] about a month ago, after [[:wil|King Wil Aldridge]] of [[Vitalio]] invited the other kingdoms of [[Haven]] to send diplomats to [[Bonifant]]. …

  • Sophianya Woodsoul

    Sophianya Woodsoul is heir to the [[Woodsoul]] family within the [[Forest of Amber]]. She is a famed healer and is known for her compassion for all living things. She was sent to [[Bonifant]] to represent the elves of the Forest of Amber.

  • Rima Kohin

    Rima is the most well-known member of the [[peredhil]], a race of humanoids from an alternate dimension. While most of the [[peredhil]] have settled in northern [[Vitalio]], Rima and a few others have remained behind in [[Bonifant]]. There, she seeks to …