Tag: PC


  • Collin Adhemar

    Adhemar is the son of Count Adhemar whose estate is outside of Bonifant. The Adhemar family specializes in producing fine wines for the kingdom, but the count rarely travels to Bonifant as he is growing old. His son, Collin lives in the city and is …

  • Gabriel Andre Beaumont

    Gabe has worked for his family's business ever since he was old enough to walk. Running messages for orders quickly became being a hand in bringing in the different shipments and also helping in repairing ships for the different clients. For the last few …

  • Rathal

    Not much is yet known of the boy you met in the wood. You have yet to even ask his name. But he seems to know the Feywild well. It could also be assumed from the battle in the marsh that he has some magical prowess.