Okknos Prime: Bonifant

Meldy and the Woodsouls
RIP elven bystander :'(
  • The PCs spot some suspicious looking humans in the marketplace. Lucas, Collin, and Ives approach them and begin talking. The humans are not interested in talking. Gabriel goes over the to market stall and talks to the owner. He is also not interested in talking. Gabriel steals an apple from his stand. A fight breaks out after the PCs refuse to back off.
  • The bystanders flee the market square as fighting erupts. Keryassa hits a fleeing elf in the back with a fire bolt. He collapses and does not get back up. Collin’s spear glows with radiant energy as he strikes down a thug in one blow. The two remaining melee fighters engage Collin and Ives, while the four other enemies support them with healing spells. Jace, Keryassa, and Lucas support Collin and Ives, while Gabriel goes after the ranged combatants.
  • In the middle of the fight, the shopkeeper collapses to the ground, and someone begins dragging him away. Jace goes to investigate. He attempts to slow the person down by shooting ice at her. It does impede her progress somewhat, but she continues dragging the shopkeeper, and warns him, “don’t interfere.” Jace’s sleep spell is ineffective.
  • The rest of the party finishes the fight, and everyone except Gabriel goes to help Jace. Gabriel questions the one survivor, then kills him in cold blood. Collin eventually convinces the interloper that they are on the same side, and after further coaxing she reveals that her name is Meldy.
  • Meldy explains that she is investigating some mysterious arcane signs in Bonifant. She invites the PCs back to her base of operations. It is in an abandoned building. She examines Gabriel’s stolen apple, and determines that it is coated in poison. This poison will turn the eater into a wererat.
  • The PCs wake up and question the shopkeeper, Fabien DuPrie. He eventually admits that The Iron Circle is trying to turn the nonhumans of Bonifant into wererats. The PCs force him to help them by setting up a meeting with his contact in the Iron Circle. Fabien explains that he normally meets his contact in an alleyway at midnight. The PCs make him set up a meeting for the coming night.
  • The PCs are unsure how to cure the people who are currently infected. Meldy says that a cure probably exists, but she does not know what it is. Keryassa suggests asking her employers, the Woodsouls, for help. They own a potion shop, so they may know something about remedies. Meldy agrees to come along and help as well.
  • Meldy and the Woodsouls get to work on researching a cure. Meanwhile, Gabriel goes to check on his father, Nicholas, to see if he is OK. Nicholas is fine, but Gabriel is evasive when he is asked what he is up to. The rest of the party completes various errands as they wait for midnight.
  • The party travels to the alleyway, where Fabien explains that he normally meets his contact alone. Most of the party withdraws to a block away, while Collin waits just around the corner. Gabriel pretends to be drunk, and lies at the entrance to the alleyway.
  • Fabien’s contact appears on the rooftops above the alleyway. He jumps down and runs Fabien through, killing him. The party rushes to confront him, and recognizes him as Idelle Delacroix’s bodyguard. After a brief skirmish, the bodyguard teleports back to the rooftops and withdraws.
A Warehouse, a Farmhouse, and a Mansion
Introducing Jace and Ives!
  • The PCs begin investigating the warehouse. After some deliberation, Gabriel picks the locks but does not enter. Collin and Keryassa enter the warehouse, while everyone else hides outside.
  • Collin and Keryassa enter Pierre Dupont’s office. They find a strongbox, a few shipping manifests, and an employee directory. They note the address of Pierre’s foreman, Heracule.
  • Someone is approaching! Gabriel attempts to make a bird call to warn his companions, but fails miserably. No one is sure exactly what he was trying to do.
  • The new arrivals are Maria Pontmercy and two new characters: Jace, a member of the elven delegation to Bonifant, and Ives Sévère, a new volunteer in the city guard.
  • Pontmercy explains that Pierre DuPont has divulged the location of Sashi Flameheart, the kidnapped dragonborn. In the interest of secrecy, Pontmercy sought out the PCs instead of mustering the city guard. She correctly guessed that they might be investigating DuPont’s warehouse.
  • The PCs and Pontmercy head to a farmhouse outside town. They begin snooping around, but are quickly spotted since they are carrying torches.
  • After a brief fight, the farmhouse guards are dispatched. Everyone enters the house, and after a brief search, Lucas discovers a trap door leading to a cellar and Sashi. The dragonborn hatchling is relatively calm, although his arms are bandaged. He does not recall any useful information about his kidnappers.
  • The PCs head to the dragonborn embassy to return Sashi. His father is grateful for his return, but does not give a reward. He explains that this is the responsibility of the city guard. Pontmercy tells the PCs to come to the guardhouse in the morning for their reward. The PCs remember to open the strongbox they stole from Pierre. It has money and several love letters addressed to Lucas’ cousin, Idelle Delacroix.
  • The next day, the PCs go to see Idelle. They are shown into the Delacroix family manor by a foppish doorman. Idelle receives them in the parlor. She is accompanied by a mysterious bodyguard. Gabriel tries the cucumber sandwiches and doesn’t like them. He is unable to contain his disgust. A servant kindly asks him if he would like a drink. Gabriel gulps down the offered wine.
  • Collin, Lucas, and Keryassa question Idelle about The Iron Circle, Pierre, and her father’s disappearance. Initially she denies knowing Pierre, but after the PCs produce the love letters, she admits to being acquainted with him. She makes a dismissive remark about Pierre belonging to the lower classes, so Gabriel decides to steal her silverware. He is caught by a servant, and politely forced to drop the stolen goods.
  • Idelle explains that she does not know anything about her father’s disappearance. Lucas notices that she does not appear particularly concerned. When Idelle explains that her mother has been in poor health since her older brother ran away from home, Lucas notices the mysterious ranger attempting to suppress a reaction. The other PCs express the disgust with a person who would abandon his family like that.
  • The PCs say goodbye to Idelle, and leave the mansion. The servants keep a watchful eye on Gabriel until he is off the grounds. After some time, the PCs are met by a messenger from Maria Pontmercy. They head to the guardhouse. Pontmercy sends them to the quartermaster, Imara Adelin, to receive their reward. They get a sizable sum of money, a potion, and a magic backpack that has the drawback of affecting the bearer with a sense of distaste.
  • Pontmercy asks the PCs for help with another issue. Avourel Nuvian, the son of Pontmercy’s old elven friend, Leena, has been missing for several days. The PCs go and speak to Leena, who tells them that Avourel went missing after going to a market stall that is selling discounted food to nonhumans. She told him it sounded too good to be true, but he ignored her. The PCs set out in the direction of the stall.
Memoir of a Dragon
.... cheese?

Year 97, May 25th.

Guard Commander Pontmercy has sent her guards to arrest Jean-Baptiste. Gabriel Beaumont appears to have disappeared with them, I wonder if he is leading them there, following them or if he simply wandered off. While we have been waiting, a man referred to as Father Anders entered the guard house to introduce a Lucas Delacroix to Collin Adhemar. Lucas Delacroix apparently has a clan member that was also preyed upon by this Iron Circle. I find his sudden entrance and connection to the Iron Circle to be suspicious. I suspect that the church supports the Iron Circle and is attempting to supplant a spy. However, Collin seemed to embrace the newcomer upon hearing that he was a cleric. I will withhold judgement for now.

Collin, Lucas Delacroix, clan-less, and I have been waiting until the timing seemed appropriate to seek out Pierre DuPont. Before they were able to begin pursuit of the subject, though, the clan-less suggested that we obtain… cheese. While I appreciated the opportunity to indulge in a delicacy referred to as a crepe earlier today, I was unprepared for the frequent grazing of these mammals. During our search for dairy products, we came across Gabriel Beaumont who joined them in their quest. Once they located and consumed their cheese, we all began the hunt. – leave this part out in the memoirs.

Collin found DuPont exceptionally easily. I was watching from a distance. Pierre DuPont was moving quickly with servants carrying bags, it was clear that he had heard the news and intended to remove himself from the city. Collin approached and engaged DuPont in friendly conversation. DuPont did not appear thrilled to be conversing when he obviously wanted to be running; however, Collin’s words apparently put DuPont at ease to the point where he followed Collin willingly. I was both impressed, and concerned, with Collin’s ability to gain the trust of such a human. I wondered if perhaps we were being led into a set-up arranged by this DuPont and Collin. It seemed so, as Collin led DuPont and his servants down an alleyway.

I had envisioned witty banter followed by a fight and DuPont’s capture. Instead, Collin announced that he would be arresting DuPont, DuPont mumbled/whispered back gloomily, and then DuPont surrendered. – embellish this part of the story in the retelling.

After spending a ridiculous amount of time trying to decide what to do with Pierre DuPont, a piece of planning that you would think we would have completed before seeking him out and instead of eating cheese, Gabriel Beaumont suggested bringing him to a tavern. I thought it was a wretched idea, what sort of tavern would allow you to bring an obvious prisoner inside? Apparently, Gabriel knows exactly what sort of tavern. A disgusting place where no one of proper birth or clan would ever dream visiting, I’m beginning to wonder what sort of places these people will lead me. I thought it would be simple enough to hand DuPont over to Guard Commander Pontmercy, but they apparently do not trust those in her command. Collin believes that her subordinates will either leak information or allow DuPont to escape.

They will be interrogating DuPont for information. I do not believe this vile human will tell us anything now that he is aware the others are working with a member of a noble Dragonborn clan. His fear of my kind is apparent, though I rather welcome it.

This is, without a doubt, the worst tavern I have ever seen. Gabriel seemed right at home in this dismal location. He obtained a room for us, but then remained below to drink at the bar. I do not know how he can tolerate the stench. In the room upstairs, we attempted to question DuPont, he leaned back on the bed in the room we had rented, and he fell through the floor. Crashed right through the floor, onto a table in the tavern area below. Collin, the noble that keeps poorly masquerading as a ruffian, attempted to leap after DuPont through the floor and only injured himself in the process. Jumping through floors in disgusting bars is an act best left for hooligans and clan-less. In fact, the thugs at the table actually attacked Collin, likely out of a desire to steal his fine clothing and money. Five against one, after Collin had already injured himself after the fall, they quickly knocked Collin unconscious. Lucas, the cleric that Collin was so enthusiastic about, decided not to use his healing ability on Collin. Instead, he merely wrapped the wounds and stabilized him.

I briefly considered setting the tavern ablaze to stop this DuPont from escaping, and cleanse this world of its existence, but remembered that my kind aren’t welcome in these parts and setting fire to buildings will not build me the sort of reputation I desire. Instead, I tried to set only DuPont on fire. I succeeded on catching his clothing on fire, but I forgot that he was already effectively stopped, dropped, and rolling. It was less successful than I’d hoped. Thankfully, Gabriel Beaumont’s decision to remain downstairs proved advantageous. Gabriel was able to stop DuPont’s escape as well as calm the angry mob in an astonishingly smooth gesture. Beaumont announced to the bar patrons that DuPont would be buying everyone drinks, and would buy two drinks for the patrons who had been interrupted by a fallen bed. DuPont’s protestations were rapidly drowned out by raucous applause from the bar.

Year 97, May 26th.
We could not leave DuPont at that tavern, as we had drawn far too much attention to ourselves. So, instead, we decided to do what we should have done in the first place: turn him in to Guard Commander Pontmercy. On our way, we met the repercussions of our lack of subtlety. A group of bandits, or thugs, or something accosted us. It was quite unfortunate, given that we were traveling with a prisoner and an unconscious nobleman. Lucas finally discovered his healing talents and brought Collin back to health. We managed to fight them off fairly successfully, though I received several wounds as a result of my impressive use of magic. I discovered that Collin also has healing magics, as he tended to my wounds with just a touch of his hand.

I had feared that DuPont had escaped, but Gabriel managed to surprise me once again. The silver-tongued noble-clanned thug had broken DuPont’s legs! Astounded and delighted, I congratulated Gabriel on his quick thinking. Such a brutal solution would not have occurred to me, but it was quite effective. Lucas tended to the wounds to ensure that DuPont didn’t die of shock. We turned him in to the guard on duty at the Guard Commander’s station, where Gabriel nearly admitted to smashing DuPont’s legs. Gabriel is the most confusing thug/noble that I’ve ever met. He shifts between witty and eloquent, brilliant, thuggish but effective, and utterly senseless. I advised the guard that we had been attacked and DuPont’s legs were broken during the scuffle. Not a lie, not a truth.
With DuPont safety in custody, we decided to find the foreman. The others suggested that we begin at the warehouse.

We arrived at the warehouse only to find it abandoned. It is late at night, so that really shouldn’t be so unusual. I had simply imagined that criminal organizations would be working by sinister candlelight. Lucas was able to determine that the shop was closed in a leisurely fashion, so they were likely unaware of the evening’s events. The question is… now what.

Warforged, Dragonborn, and Fire Snakes
Lookin' Like a Fool with Your Crumpet on the Ground!
  • Suddenly, a strange construct bursts from the ruins of an abandoned dockyard. It slams a piece of lumber into a bystander, who falls to the ground with a sickening thud. A hush falls over the crowd for a brief moment, but it is quickly replaced by screams as people race to get away from this monstrosity.
  • Collin, Keryassa, Gabriel, and the ranger engage the construct. After a brief skirmish, Keryassa’s flames immolate the strange creature. She takes a closer look, and realizes that she has just killed a warforged. Gabriel declares the bystander dead.
  • A group of guards ride up on horseback. Their medic, a dwarf, announces that the bystander will be alright. Their leader thanks the party for stepping in when everyone else fled. She introduces herself as Maria Pontmercy and tells them to come by the guardhouse later if they would like more work.
  • Collin goes to look for Pierre DuPont. He takes his new friends with him. When Pierre gets up to greet Collin, he drops his crumpet on the ground. Collin and Pierre make small talk intermingled with racist remarks about non-humans. Collin suggests that his family will be happy to buy spices from the DuPont spice company, and the two men part on good terms.
  • A messenger comes looking for Keryassa. He tells her that Maria Pontmercy would like to see her. Her friends are welcome to come along as well. The party heads to the guardhouse. Once there, Pontmercy tells the party that Ambassador Luminaar Flameheart’s son, Sashi, has been kidnapped. The ambassador will not tell the city guard any details about the kidnapping, saying that they should be able to find his son without his help. Pontmercy thinks that a fellow dragonborn will have better luck. She also tells them that she suspects The Iron Circle and Pierre DuPont.
  • The party heads to the dragonborn embassy. They are ushered into the courtyard, and Luminaar appears on a 2nd story balcony to speak to them. He will not tell them anything about the kidnapping until the party proves themselves. Luminaar’s guards release a fire snake from a cage, and the party battles it. After it proves immune to Keryassa’s flames, she hits it in the throat with a crossbow bolt. At this, Luminaar calls off the fight, and says that the adventurers have proven themselves. He explains that Sashi is fond of Bonifant’s crepes, and snuck out to have some, without his personal bodyguard. Luminaar shares Pontmercy’s suspicions of The Iron Circle and Pierre DuPont.
  • The adventurers head to Uncle Paco’s Crepe Stand. They talk to Uncle Paco, who confirms that Sashi and Pierre were at the crepe stand earlier today. He also says a bald, working class man got up shortly after Sashi left and followed him. The party enjoys some crepes and rests.
  • Gabriel thinks an employee of his father’s, Jean-Baptiste Yount, matches the description of the man who followed Sashi. They go visit Gabriel’s father, who tells them that Jean-Baptiste did not come to work because he was sick.
  • The party goes to visit Jean-Baptiste at his home. Keryassa hides outside. He admits that he is not sick, and that he had more important things to do. After a few racist remarks by Collin, Jean-Baptiste admits that he kidnapped Sashi, and the Pierre DuPont is the mastermind. He tells Gabriel that his family should fall in line with The Iron Circle or else. Gabriel says he will talk to his father.
  • The party goes to visit Pierre DuPont, who eventually proudly admits to orchestrating the kidnapping. Collin asks to see the dragonborn hatchling. Pierre says he will have to talk to his superiors. The party leaves and informs Pontmercy. She wants to arrest Pierre immediately, but they convince her to arrest Jean-Baptiste instead, in the hopes that Pierre will panic and move Sashi from his hiding place.

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