Wil Aldridge

King of Vitalio


Wil Aldridge is the newly crowned king of Vitalio. He overthrew King Chamoun III, then defended the throne from General deLaunay, the leader of Chamoun’s army. Wil is descended from the Volchaires, who ruled Vitalio before the Chamouns.

Wil was raised by his mother, the court weaver; his father died when he was young. He was always picked on by other children when they would come to market. When Wil was 10 years old, it was discovered that he had magic, and he was sent to the Mage school in Parth. As he grew he became very interested in illusions, and the history of Vitalio and of other ancient civilizations including the Dragonborn. He became fluent in draconic and learned more of the history and the return of dragons to the peninsula of Haven. When he returned from Parth, Wil’s mother told him about his ancestry. Armed with this knowledge, Wil left Vitalio to find help. It came in the form of six adventurers. Together they rallied the people of Vitalio, and defeated King Chamoun’s forces.

Wil hopes to usher in a new age for Vitalio; an age of prosperity and tolerance. He hopes to change Vitalio’s prejudices towards non-humans, and forge alliances with nearby nations, while eliminating the corruption that thrived during King Chamoun’s rule.

Wil Aldridge

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