Pixie Pyromaniac


Ularalu is the smallest member of Crim Sorciere. What she lacks in size, she makes up for in firepower! Ularalu loves all things fire, and all things about fire. She loves the way it dances, the way it warms, and the way it burns. She loves the color, sounds, and smells. She loves watching fire and starting fires. She is quite adept at doing the latter.

Ularalu has found a home with the eccentric members of Crim Sorciere, although even they are wary of her tendency to start fires. She’s mentioned in passing that she was kicked out of her previous home, Pixie Hollow. Although she did not say why, it was probably fire-related.

Recently, Ularalu was befriended by Keryassa Flameheart, a new member of her guild. Keryassa and Ularalu bonded over their love of fire. They set several fires in the guild’s base, but were prevented from burning down the library. Keryassa invited Ularalu to join her on her mission to accompany Amethyst to Bonifant. The pixie accepted.

After Keryassa’s death, her body was left in a basement while her friends went on to their next adventure. This did not sit well with Ularalu, nor did the party’s foray into a vampire lair. So, after a sudden outburst, she flew away, presumably to mourn Keryassa.


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