Noel Rekkenmark

Chancellor of Vitalio


The people knew Noel Rekkenmark was a hero when at the age of 12 he singlehandedly repelled a group of thieves from his family’s estate. No one was injured, and the thieves were so impressed by the young man that they became his personal bodyguards. From that moment forward, his deeds and heroics only increased with each year. As a man in his early twenties, single woman of Vitalio have been trying to impress the man and join him in matrimony. This young hero convinced that his country needs him so he will not marry until he has made the lands safe and prosperous again.

While a hardened warrior, Noel, also has a soft heart. He spends much of his wealth on the poor and and on injured animals. His own estate has a soup kitchen as well as a hospital for animals. He is a fervent believer of equal rights for all and holds a monthly meeting at his house where he and his friends discuss the political, social, and environmental topics of Vitalio.

Upon hearing about the rebellion in Bonifant, Noel traveled south to lend his aid to the people. He has proven to be one of the best fighters in the army of New Vitalio. His kindness and noble bearing impressed King Wil Aldridge enough to make him the Chancellor. As Chancellor, Noel is second in command to the King.

Noel Rekkenmark

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