Rathal is a small boy of slight stature. His ears, although covered at times by his brown unkempt hair, are distinctly Elven. However up close there is something not quite Elven about his features. His piercing green eyes seem to gaze into your soul and there is something about his presence that just makes you feel at ease.


Rathal is just as mysterious now as the day you met him. You’ve learned much but it seems that every new piece of information leads to more questions. He was raised by the House of the Cloven Hooves, yet he seems too young for that to be the case. He masquerades as an old wizard who he says he’s only met once, but this wizard whom he disguises himself as seems to be a key role in many secrets that the party is right on the edge of.

His magical prowess, his knowledge of the feywild and its’ many secrets, is all of it mere coincidence that his path has crossed with that of the party? Or is there some higher power or purpose that has brought them together?


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