Adriana Prevot

Founder of Crim Sorciere


Adriana Prevot is one of the most feared individuals in all of Vitalio. Until about five years ago, she was imprisoned in the wizard’s tower of Parth. Her pursuers caught up to her in the village of Wimbli. The ensuing battle leveled the village, leaving no survivors. Since then, the authorities have blamed Adriana for many strange disappearances and murders. The people of Vitalio disagree on how many of these she is actually responsible for, but most people accept that she killed the archmage Robert de Baudicourt and the aristocrat Borrit Crowfinger.

Adriana Prevot is supposedly a magician of tremendous power, far surpassing even the most venerable members of Vitalio’s famed magic academies. The headmasters at these academies speculate Adriana’s power comes from an entirely different source than their own.This power does come with a few visible side effects. Adriana’s hair is purple, and she has a strange black mark on her lower jaw.

Adriana is the head of the secret society Crim Sorciere. She claims to have dedicated her life to fighting evil magic.

Adriana Prevot

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