Maria Pontmercy

Future Queen of Vitalio


Maria Pontmercy oversees the city guard of Bonifant. King Wil appointed her to this role after she played a large role in placing him on the throne.

Born to common laborers in Bonifant, Maria grew up witnessing the injustices endured by the working class. As the king became increasingly paranoid, these abuses mounted. As a result, Maria began advocating treason against the crown. These speeches caught the attention of General Leon Cornet, who suggested an alliance. And so, Maria and her small group of followers joined Cornet’s resistance. Maria’s enthusiasm, charisma, and daring quickly made her one of the resistance’s principal leaders, although she still did not see eye to eye with General Cornet on many issues. The General urged a cautious, slow approach, and envisioned a military coup. Maria did not want to wait, wished for a people’s revolt, and did not share Cornet’s strict code of honor.

Eventually, Maria could no longer stand idle. While Cornet was absent, she stirred up a mob and marched on the castle.This would likely have ended in disaster if not for a group of adventurers that engaged the castle guard. With help from Maria and the mob, the adventurers were victorious. This initial victory gave the rebels all the momentum they needed, and King Chamoun IV was quickly disposed. Wil Aldridge took his place on the throne.

Even before Wil became king, she came into contact with him and fought alongside him in order to overthrow the king. What first caught her attention was his slender, fragile physique and pale, freckled face, and she summarily dismissed him from her mind. However, Wil’s outward appearance gave her no indication of the strong resolve underneath until she saw him in battle and with his subjects. She felt herself thinking that she was not usually attracted to men like this.

Indeed, Wil’s adept handling of arcane spells belied a powerful strength, yet the intent behind his actions was kindness. Most of his reckless adventurer companions were violent and terrible, such as the barbarian, Rekas, but Wil had an upright set of morals, justice, and compassion that drove his actions even towards the lowliest citizens and enemies. His actions, strong and courageous, tempered by such kindness and goodness often made her lose her sense of time when thinking about him.

She yearned for his attention… but would he reciprocate? She hoped, beyond all measure, that the kind and gracious king would feel the same way about her… but the future was so uncertain with the approach of the southern army. The future grew darker when the army broke through the walls, and Wil did not return to the castle. Upon the walls of the royal fortress, she anxiously awaited any sign of his periwinkle robes. Her heart lept when she saw him approach the ancient walls. Still, she could not imagine the euphoria that awaited as the king took her in his arms and kissed her. Beautiful violin music filled the air as they embraced, perfecting the moment. Well, the kiss could have been a little better, but that was a small annoyance on such a magical night.

Three months after these events, the citizens of Bonifant expect a royal proposal in the near future. For now, Maria works from her base in Bonitant’s dock district to eliminate the corruption that plagues Bonifant.

Maria is a passionate, idealistic woman, who is determined to secure a better future for all of Vitalio’s people. She tends to see the world in terms of black and white, and is reluctant to compromise, even in the face of overwhelming odds. She firmly believes that good will triumph, and that no power can withstand the united will of the everyday men and women of Vitalio. The common folk of Bonifant see her as an example of what even those born in the humblest of circumstances can achieve.

After the demonic invasion of Bonifant, King Wil proposed to Maria. She accepted, and they will soon be married.

Maria Pontmercy

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