Perra Talstar

Explosives Loving Rogue


Perra Talstar is a member of Team Zalthannus. She has been at odds with the guild’s leadership over how they deal with the criminal group Ravenous.

Perra was born and raised in Amollo. Her parents named her after a dragonborn friend. Sadly, both her parents and her namesake were killed by Ravenous when Perra was a child. She was taken in by Team Zalthannus and quickly grew up. She demonstrated an exceptional talent for knife-play, and was made an official guild member at a young age.

About three years ago, Perra joined Ravenous as an undercover agent. She quickly rose through their ranks, but was discovered before she could obtain enough information to take down Ravenous’ leader, McGregor, once and for all. She then returned to Team Zalthannus, and pushed for harsh measures against Ravenous. However, the guild’s leadership was unwilling to harm the innocents that would surely be caught in the crossfire of an all-out war between Team Zalthannus and Ravenous. So, when Perra heard that Lillium the Flower had returned to Amollo to kill McGregor, she went to find her.

In “Lillium” and her friends, Perra found allies willing to do whatever it took to defeat Ravenous, casualties be damned. Their investigations of Ravenous lead them to a warehouse that Ravenous used to smuggle goods in and out of Amollo. They began killing everyone inside.

This slaughter of non-combatents was strongly condemned by Team Zalthannus’ guild master, Perra’s allies were asked to leave Amollo, and Perra herself was put on probation by the guild.

Despite this, a few months later, Perra is in Bonifant, once again willing to use any means necessary to defeat Ravenous. This time, her plans involved large amounts of Dragon’s Fire, a powerful and illegal explosive. Jarl and Maximilien Delacroix persuaded her to abandon this plan for now, in favor of a plan that had a better chance of saving innocent life.

Perra Talstar

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