A serious young woman with a knack for magic


Meldy is a 14 year old girl. Our heroes first met her when she was investigating arcane disturbances in Bonifant. She is a powerful arcanist, and fought Lord Absolon to a draw multiple times. She favors lightning spells, and uses a enchanted trident to augment her formidable powers. She helped Benjamite and Helen Woodsoul create a potion to combat wererat lycanthropy.

Meldy tends to be quiet and secretive. She weighs decisions in terms of the most logical choice, and often mentions the probability of a certain event happening. Her extremely serious personality is often a cause for jest among her companions.

After helping our heroes defeat a demonic invasion, Meldy invited them to join the secret society Crim Sorciere. She also crossed paths with the PCs in the ruined village of Wimbli, which is her birthplace. She gave a sending stone to Maximilien Delacroix so that our heroes can stay in touch with her. Max sporadically keeps her up to date on our heroes’ adventures. After she arrived at Lord Absolon‘s lair too late, she asked Max to let her know of any trouble sooner. During the poisoning of Bonifant, he did so, and Meldy assisted in freeing Bonifant from Ravenous’ clutches.

After Galendan defeated our heroes on the banks of the Dread Star Depths, the mysterious ranger contacted Meldy. A day later, she arrived with folding boat and the dwarf Pashenac. The boat, Meldy’s storm magic, and Pashenac’s nautical expertise made the difficult journey across the Depths fairly straightforward.


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