Marcel the Magnificent

Pompous Wizard


Marcel is an accomplished practitioner of the magical arts, a fact of which he is well aware. He exudes arrogance and loves to talk about his genius.. He has demonstrated great skill in several areas, including tracking magical signatures, animating golems, and unleashing devastating blasts of ice. Sadly, he does not use his talents for good. Two years ago, he attempted to take over the village of Donovan’s Crossing. His spell was broken by Meldy, and the bounty hunter Revy brought him in.

Marcel vowed revenge against the little girl who had foiled his master plan. He managed to locate a teleportation circle that she used, and staked it out. Unfortunately, when the time came to spring his trap, Meldy was not there, and the people who did come through were not forthcoming with her location. Battle ensued, and despite unleashing a terrifying blast of ice that incapacitated four of his opponents in one blow, Marcel was soon near death. At this moment, his loyal employee, Avery begged for Marcel’s life. After some negotiation, and Avery keeping her hand over Marcel’s mouth, he was allowed to live.

Marcel the Magnificent

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