the weird elf


“It’s finally happening. The end is here. Soon, we will turn on each other, and the strong will devour the weak. Eventually, as our hunger grows, we will feast on each other.” These are just a few of the strange things that Maglor has said during the few days that our heroes have known him. He constantly harps on themes of savagery, anarchy, death and destruction, with a bit of vampire worship thrown in. We first encountered Malcer above the cliffs out side Aix en Provence. Even then, he was lurking outside Lord Absolon’s secret fortress, as if he could sense its location.

Bit by bit, Maglor has spoken of his past life. He claims to have been a student and friend of Alexandre Anders. He also claims to be the sole survivor of a baleful curse cast on the town of Aix en Provence. According to Maglor, thirty years ago, everyone in the town was consumed with burning rage and turned on each other. Maglor was the only survivor, and he believes he is destined to survive our heroes’ current predicament as well. This is not just wishful thinking; Maglor is a skilled fighter and magical healer. His mental stability is a bit lacking though.


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