Luminaar Flameheart

Ambassador of the Dragonborn Empire


Luminaar Flameheart is the representative of the Dragonborn Empire in Vitalio. He arrived in Bonifant about a month ago, after King Wil Aldridge of Vitalio invited the other kingdoms of Haven to send diplomats to Bonifant. This custom had fallen out of practice under the rule of Wil’s predecessor, King Chamoun IV.

The Flameheart line is one of the most noble families of dragonborn, perhaps second only to the Iceblades. They have a long history of powerful draconic sorcerers in their bloodline. Luminaar has brought even more renown to the Flameheart line. He is well versed in the art of combat, and his oversight of the Sunwyn markets coincided with an increase in prosperity for the city.

Luminaar now resides in Bonifant with his wife, Sofaeth, his two sons, Ustan and Sashi, and the ambassadorial guard. Ustan is a young adult, and one of the most promising practitioners of dragon magic in the empire. Sashi is still an adventurous hatchling. The dragonborn embassy in Bonifant is a converted noble estate, belonging to one of the families that opposed Wil Aldridge.

Luminaar Flameheart

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