Hivan the Peredhil

Would-be Founder of the Peredhil Empire


Most peredhil are content to live alongside the humans they have found themselves among. Hivan is not one of these. In his mind, the humans are taking advantage of his people by using them to fight their battles for them. To make matters worse, human incompetence and greed means that his fellow peredhil’s talents are being wasted. There’s only one way to stop this: by establishing a country where peredhil reign supreme. He is prepared to accomplish this by any means fair or foul. To date, his means have included kidnapping, extortion, hiring criminals, and attempting to enslave vampires. He has recruited almost a dozen other peredhil to his side. Notable ones include Saffron, his first recruit, and Noveena.

Before his visions of empire, Hivan served in the predominently human Bonifant city guard. He left shortly after the demonic invasion of Bonifant.

Hivan the Peredhil

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