Gabriel Andre Beaumont

a figher that works at his father's shipping business


Gabe is a tall, muscular, 6 foot fighter that has honed his skills over the years. He has short brown hair, stark blue eyes, darker skin and always unshaven. He wears chainmail with a hooded coif.


Gabe has worked for his family’s business ever since he was old enough to walk. Running messages for orders quickly became being a hand in bringing in the different shipments and also helping in repairing ships for the different clients. For the last few years he has been the a major hand on the dock to make sure each shipment was directed to the correct place and correctly paid. As he grew up he became more aware of all that happens in the docks and the ebb and flow of those that may be looking for different types of merchandise. He has also become known for running some games of chance on the dock for anyone to try their “luck”.

He has secured his skills as a fighter with many of the clients that are shipping many items and may not be able to pay. They were willing to trade some training in exchange for use of services, or someone who’s luck may have run out that had other useful skills to offer. He has also had the chance to meet many that were willing to teach skills as a favor.

He knows many people in the western coastal section of the city, many merchants and others know him as a working in his father’s business and others know him as a well connected and a person that is cool under pressure.

These past few months have been difficult for him, his mother, Elayne De Verley, was killed in the siege. She was a strong women that was very outspoken. She felt it was important to protect the city from those that were attacking it. She was always one that seeks to protect those in the city who needed it, she asked him to help her but he didn’t want to fight directly. When she died, he never forgave himself. His father, Nicholas Beaumont, is a pacifist and is an honest business man that doesn’t always approve of Gabe’s way of doing things, but he is not willing to challenge him. He is beginning to question what his purpose in this city is especially with all the new races since King Wil Aldrige has taken over. He is not a fan of those with power since they often throw their weight around, they don’t always have the “little people” in mind.

After his father was murdered by Ravenous, Gabriel decided to retire from the adventuring life and run the family business.

Gabriel Andre Beaumont

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