Pierre DuPont

Spice Merchant


Pierre DuPont supplied spices to the royal table until King Wil learned that Pierre was a racist. Now, Pierre seeks both business opportunities and the advancement of humanity by any means.

Monsieur DuPont is a well-built man in his early 30s. He makes sure to be dressed in the latest fashions, and takes special care of his impressive mustache. He is quick-tempered, and tends to speak in whispers. He is accident-prone, yet he always seems to avoid serious injury.

Pierre believes that humans are meant to rise above and dominate the lesser races. He claims to be behind the kidnapping of Ambassador Luminaar’s son, Sashi. He says the kidnapping will drive a rift between the Dragonborn Empire and Vitalio.

Pierre’s crimes were discovered by Saint, who was working undercover as Lord Collin Adhemar. He tried to escape once Saint revealed his true colors, but he was foiled by Gabriel’s quick thinking. Later on, Gabriel broke his legs to prevent any further escape attempts. Pierre is currently in the custody of the Bonifant City Guard.

Pierre DuPont

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