Collin Adhemar

Manners maketh man. Do you know what that means? Then let me teach you a lesson.


Adhemar is the son of Count Adhemar whose estate is outside of Bonifant. The Adhemar family specializes in producing fine wines for the kingdom, but the count rarely travels to Bonifant as he is growing old. His son, Collin lives in the city and is rumored to be a fierce supporter of the Iron Circle. He works to convince others of this fact and often a brawl has erupted due to disagreements. Collin is a man of civility though and makes sure those around him realize the importance of such.

He has a flawless record within Bonifant except for an event that occurred a year ago. Witnesses say that saw him beat an elf in an alley, but he has yet to be arrested. Some people believe it is because his father bribed the guards to turn away this time.

He keeps a long pole strapped to his back. It is wrapped in a dark cotton. Collin does not allow anyone to touch it and when pressed he replies “It is rude to press into another man’s business or pleasure.”

Collin Adhemar

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