Purple Dragon Runaway


Amethyst helped our protagonists battle some werewolves in the Paladin Peaks. Once the fight was over, she agreed to join the adventuring group, for the time being. Most of her new companions would describe her as “crazy.” Hailing from Inaulia, she wears a purple and green hood at all times during the day, sniffs the air when tracking, thinks dragonborn hunt dragons, and doesn’t seem to regard kidnapping as being wrong. She doesn’t like dragons, but seems to have a good sense for when they are close. Jarl was able to convince her not to brainwash a shifter child into following her. She wishes to raise a shifter child to be a fearsome warrior like “The Shining Terror,” a creature of legend that she has not met.

After being recognized by some drow, Amethyst admitted that she was running away from her mother, a very powerful mage. Gabriel Andre Beaumont relayed this information to Meldy, who deduced that Amethyst is the daughter of Amethyst the Elder, a powerful purple dragon that rules over half the underdark. Since Amethyst the Elder is a mutual foe of Amethyst the Younger and the secret society Crim Sorciere, the two entered into an alliance. Now, Amethyst the Younger has journeyed to Bonifant with several members of the guild. She wishes to explore the surface world, and Crim Sorciere wishes to keep an eye on her.


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