Lord Absolon

Vampire Lord


When Vitalio’s citizens think of the dangers besetting their country, they think of the dragonborn empire to the south, King Wil’s inexperience, corruption, or criminal organizations like The Iron Circle. Almost no one thinks of Lord Absolon, but perhaps they should, as he is undoubtedly one of the most powerful creatures in Vitalio, and does not have the best interests of Vitalio at heart.

Lord Absolon is a mysterious figure, since not many have crossed paths with him and lived to tell the tale. Among his many powers are regeneration, shapeshifting, and mind-control. His lair beneath the town of Aix en Provence is well-hidden, and laced with traps and monsters in the off chance that anyone should discover it. Not only that, but Absolon has many other vampires at his beck and call. These lesser vampires are formidable foes in their own right.

Lord Absolon

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