Okknos Prime: Bonifant

The Demise of a Vampire

In which Lord Absolon Passes On

  • The hallway the PCs find themselves in is pitch black. Their sources of light are absorbed by the walls. Jocq forges bravely ahead. Everyone else follows cautiously through the winding passage.
  • Maximilien uses his Gem of True Seeing to get a better look at the walls. They are covered in living shadows. He also inadvertently catches a glimpse of Saffron through the gem. It seems she is not what she appears to be. In her true form, she has horns, wings, and a tail. Although Maximilien cannot exactly remember what a creature like this is called, he begins covertly warning the other party members, starting with Lucas and Idelle. When he tries to warn Jace, Saffron interrupts him. She suggests that Maximilien should avoid starting rumors.
  • Meanwhile, the party proceeds through a series of disturbing rooms and corridors. Jarl finds a table with a map of Vitalio on it. Five locations are marked. They are Aix en Provence, Bonifant, Parth, Donovan’s Crossing, and a location in the northern countryside.
  • Eventually, the party finds themselves at the bottom of a dark staircase. They climb to the top and rest for a while. Maximilien Delacroix contacts Meldy with the sending stone, asking her to come help. “It will take me about a day to arrive,” she replies. Once they are done resting, the party opens the door.
  • They are greeted by Lord Absolon! He is sitting on a throne, with a bound peredhil next to him. The unfortunate peredhil is hanging upside down, slowly bleeding into the vampire’s goblet. Absolon brags about his power, and the two sides trade stinging barbs. They are interrupted when Hivan climbs through the window with another peredhil. Hivan and Saffron run into each others arms, and embrace and kiss.
  • This tender moment is interrupted by Father Anders crashing through another door. He exchanges words with Lord Absolon and Maglor. Maglor reveals that he was Father Anders’ pupil. Father Anders expresses regret over what Maglor has become. Lord Absolon taunts Father Anders over the loss of Maglor and his other pupil, Saint.
  • Saffron puts a stop to this conversation. “Let’s get on with it, shall we?” She casts a spell. A stream of blood leaps from a nearby peredhil to Saffron’s dagger, from the dagger to the hanging peredhil, and from that peredhil to Absolon. “What have you done?” asks Absolon incredulously. “You will obey!” says Saffron, struggling to maintain her concentration. Hivan looks at her in shock.
  • Maglor attacks Father Anders, while the party attacks Saffron and Absolon. Hivan tries to defend her, but he can’t stop everyone. Saffron is wounded several times, and seems to weaken. She turns to the party. “I’ll remember this, and I’ll have my revenge.” With that, she transforms into her true form, that of a fiend, and flies out the window.
  • Freed from Saffron’s control, Absolon continues to fight, but is badly outnumbered. Anders reluctantly slays his former pupil, and joins the fight against the vampire lord. The surviving vampire twin arrives, too late to save his lord, and quickly joins him. With their enemies defeated, our heroes enjoy the spoils of Absolon’s treasury.
  • They head down to the basement to meet with Amethyst. The passageway has been blocked. She is glad to hear that Absolon is dead. She gives Jace some magic scrolls to make good on her promise. The party asks her if she wants to stay here, and she agrees.
  • The party heads out of the cave. They meet Meldy outside. She is working on an intricate drawing in the sand, which Jarl runs across. She reminds the party that they are supposed to be keeping an eye on Amethyst, so they go back into the cave and retrieve her. The dragon reluctantly agrees to come along.


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