Okknos Prime: Bonifant

The Floor of Majesty

In which Maximllien eats some Low Quality Food

  • Lucas opens the third door. It has a gauntlet inside, which is quickly identified as being a holy symbol of Torm. Party members speculate that it belongs to Father Anders.
  • The party settles down to rest, but Jocq is feeling antsy. He tries to open the next door, but upon finding it locked, he tries to bash it down. He fails miserably. Gabriel gets up to show him how it’s done, but Jocq charges the door at the same time. The door gives way to Gabriel’s kick, Jocq barrels into Gabriel’s behind, and the two tumble into the next room.
  • Everyone else is annoyed to have their rest disturbed, and even more annoyed when they are attacked by shades and shadows from the next room. In the end, however, the monsters are easily dealt with, and everyone gets to finish their rest.
  • Moving on, the party finds the ghost of a paladin. It turns out that the holy symbol is his. With it, he is able to temporarily disable the barricade to the next floor. Over Jace’s cowardly objections, everyone heads up the stairs.
  • They are greeted by a human butler. “Welcome to the floor of majesty,” he says. “A meal has been prepared for you. Please leave your weapons with the attendants; you will have no need of them inside.” One by one, the PCs reluctantly agree to surrender their weapons. Heskan, Lucas, and Noveena keep at least some of their weapons.
  • Everyone is ushered into an awkward dinner party with some vampires. The very same twin vampires, in fact, that collapsed the ceiling on our heroes when they first entered the caves. The vampires wish to display their wealth, power, and skill at genteel conversation, most of the PCs simply wish to get on with things.
  • Maximilien makes some snide remarks about the quality of the food. “I am sorry to hear that,” replies the vampire. “The help will be dealt with later.” Everyone else in the party shoots the ranger dirty looks. The human servants don’t seem very happy about this development. Everyone sits around awkwardly, except for Gabriel, who helps the servants clear the table. One of the serving girls slips him four blue potions. Gabriel discovers that these potions provide the equivalent of a good night’s sleep.
  • With the dinner over, six more vampires enter the room. “These fledglings need a test to truly join our brotherhood,” explains the vampiric hosts. “You will do nicely.” The PCs weapons are returned to them, and battle ensues. The two elder vampires watch the battle from their high table. The PCs dispatch the junior vampires easily. As the last one falls, Noveena shoots one of the vampire lords. “You will regret that,” he says, and joins the fight.
  • A desperate battle begins. The vampire charms Jarl and turns him against the rest of the party. Despite this, with the aid of some of Gabriel’s potions, the vampire is defeated. The surviving vampire says, “My brother was weak. Unless you wish to test my strength, you will exit through the side door at once.” The PCs do so.


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