Okknos Prime: Bonifant

Rescue Ranger(s)

Save the Hostages!

  • Our heroes wait for nightfall, then slip over the wall. They are careful to be sure they are not being followed. They make their way to the Temple of Torm. Their knock on the door is answered by a high elf, Sinoqui Amakiir. She verifies their identity and lets them in. Jace makes a mental note that she seems to be much younger than him, and is probably still a child by elven standards. (Elves are considered adults until they are about 100 years old, even though they reach physical maturity at the same age as humans.)
  • Jarl goes and gets Father Anders. The priest is tending to sick children, but tells Jarl that things are looking up. Meldy has brought a Decanter of Endless Water, and his healing magic has cured most of the children. After a short conversation, the party realizes that they need to talk to Meldy as well. She is woken up and brought outside.
  • After some discussion, Maximilien Delacroix asks about the contact that Meldy had said was going to meet them. Meldy agrees to take the party to meet this contact. She leads them to a Team Zalthannus safehouse. Maximilien is surprised by this development, since Meldy is not a member, and therefore she should not know about the safehouse. Nevertheless, he approaches the door at Meldy’s request, holding up his symbol of membership in the adventuring guild.
  • The door opens, and Maximilien is greeted by his fellow Zalthannian, Perra Talstar. She recognizes him, but manages to call him Manfred, thus preserving his secret identity. Perra introduces a man by name of Pierre. Pierre is also not a member of Team Zalthannus, and should not be at the guild safehouse. Maximilien does not have the moral high ground, however, because he is bringing about ten other non-Zalthannians to the safehouse. Perra scolds him for this, but the ranger changes the subject to defeating Ravenous.
  • Perra has a plan for that. She and Pierre have acquired a large amount of dragon’s fire, a dangerous and illegal explosive. They plan to use it to destroy the barricades that Ravenous has set up around the castle. Do they have a plan for saving the hostages there? “Hope that they’re not too close to the explosions?” Perra suggests. The party is not OK with this plan, and instead Jarl leads the party to the peredhil embassy, hoping to recruit more soldiers to the party’s cause. The able-bodied peredhil agree to join. During the course of this conversation, one of the peredhil mentions that Foulques Delacroix, Maximilian’s father is dying from the poison. The ranger privately asks Lucas to cure his father. Lucas agrees. Meanwhile, Amethyst and “”/characters/blade" class=“wiki-content-link”>Jerry" the peredhil have an awkward, formal conversation in draconic. Those who eavesdrop on the conversation get the idea that they are both dragons. The two “dragons” take a tour of the embassy, ignoring the lesser creatures around them.
  • At Meldy’s suggestion, the party decides to simultaneously assault all six Ravenous barricades. Ularalu is dispatched to coordinate the assault with Maria Pontmercy and the forces inside the castle. Maximilien convinces Perra and Pierre to join up as well. The plan is as follows: Amethyst will handle one barricade, “Jerry” will handle another, the peredhil will take the 3rd barricade, Meldy, Sinoqui, Perra, and Pierre will handle the 4th, the forces inside the castle will take the 5th, and the party will handle the 6th and final barricade.
  • Our heroes strike and their barricade. Noveena attacks the bandit on watch, but is unable to bring him down. He proceeds to slit the throats of two of the hostages. Jarl interposes a barrier of psychic energy to protect the hostages from further harm. Jace explodes a fireball on top of the barrier, incinerating half of the bandits in one fell swoop. The rest are quickly mopped up, and Lucas is able to heal the dying hostages before they expire.
  • The victorious heroes meet their allies at the castle gate. There are surprisingly few dead hostages. Only “Jerry” and the peredhil were unable to save all of the hostages at their barricade. With the barricades around the palace crushed, our heroes plan their next move.


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